The first issue of Smoke: a London Peculiar was published in April 2003, full of buses, lost rivers, blue plaques and stories about the city. Seven years later, with bookshops closing and phones getting smarter, we decided that printing a small A5 magazine onto thin slices of tree no longer made much sense, and turned Smoke into a website instead, promising that in future we’d chop down trees only when we had enough new words and images for a book. But another four years have passed since then and, although we still think Smoke’s a lovely idea, and are proud of everything we’ve done, we think it’s now probably best, at least as far as this particular website goes, if we hang up the Closed sign on the back of the screen.

We’re not going away, though – some of our various projects will re‑emerge in a new guise, and hopefully there’ll be new projects too. Plus all the old stories and photos are still here (under the WORDS & IMAGES tab), the shop is still open, and we were thinking it would be nice to have downloadable versions of all the old magazines available. In short, keep iq option withdrawal in pakistan watching this space… or sign up to our mailing list, Twitter or Facebook to make sure you don’t miss anything (details are on the CONTACT page).

And, more immediately, you can find out what your esteemed editors are up to using the links to our personal websites below.

This also seems like a good opportunity to say thanks to everyone who’s been involved with Smoke so far, whether you’ve sent us words or photos or simply picked up a copy in a bookshop. We’ll see you soon…